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PET Hero Award .com

Animal Welfare Efforts Recognition


People- Businesses- Organizations

 Contribute to a Campaign 

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and Give Recognition to Those Who Work in Animal Welfare  

Host a PET Hero Award Recognition Fundraiser in your area. Let us know so we can create an account to donate to. This campaign benefits your supporting local pet groups. 

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 Contribute to a Campaign

Recognition & Fundraising
Raised funds are shared with supporting local animal welfare groups.


The PET Hero Award recognition fundraiser has three goals.

The main reason for this award is to give recognition for animal welfare efforts. This award fundraiser also allows the PET to bring awareness about pet planning to pet owners, animal welfare workers and the public.   

This fundraiser is a collaborative community project to raise funds for all local supporting animal groups. 

Countless thousands work to improve animal welfare who never receive any acknowledgment for their efforts. PET Hero Award Nominees receive recognition that someone is aware of their work. Someone is cheering them on and in a way saying, we see you.

PET Hero Award is a fundraising program benefiting the Pet Endowment and local animal groups.

( limited to ONE nomination per organization)

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