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PET Hero Award .com


Animal Welfare Efforts Recognition

People- Businesses- Organizations



Dog Shelter
Co-Partner with the PET
in Giving Recognition to Those Who Work in Animal Welfare   

Nominate a person, business or organization for their efforts with animal welfare.

Each PET Hero Award starts with a nomination to give recognition to a person, animal, business or organization. The PET Hero Award is a fundraiser program that allows the PET to give out more awards. It also raises funds for animal welfare groups in hosted locations.


Thousands of animal welfare workers deserve an award for the work they do, but giving someone an award has a cost.  Every $100 the PET gets in raised funds allows us to award someone else.  


A PET Hero Award that has a host organizer allows a recognition campaign to get started for that area. Local area animal welfare groups are invited to collaborate in recognizing and celebrating the PET Hero Award recipient to the community. Funds raised are shared with local supporting animal welfare groups and support more awards being made. 

Anyone can nominate and sponsor a PET Hero Award.

Every $100 we get from sponsors allows one more Pet Hero Award to be given. Sponsors are recognized for their donation and participation.

Hero: noted for acts or nobility of character, who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or qualities and is regarded as a role model.

PET Hero Award is a fundraising program benefiting the Pet Endowment and local supporting animal groups.

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