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PET Charity Golf

Supporting ALL Animal Groups

The PET Charity Golf program works with golf course clubs nationwide on charitable golfing events - from starting a new event, to partnering on an existing golf scramble or tournament.


Events support local assistance to pet owners, local veterinarians and local animal groups.  PET Charity Golf is a fundraising project developed for the PET (Pet Endowment Trust, a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization. Raised funds helps pets left behind find a new forever home and support many different pet planning advocate projects. Most funds stay in the community - approximately 90% of funds raised remain in the local area. A small portion helps fund national PET efforts and projects. 


PET Charity Golf events can range from the simple to a large multi-complex golf tournament. Each event is managed by the golf course club's Director of Golf until event growth dictates that outside management is needed. Our goal is to make the charity golf event a huge winner for the golf club and the community.  All events are supported by available PET media resources. Student golfers should offer to intern if they want the associated experience.  

Event hosting for the PET is open to all golf course clubs.


Charity Fundraising That Supports A Community

PET Charity Golf lets people make new connections with other locals and build relationships that can span distances.

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