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Charity Pet Sitters

Finding Inspiration in Every Sit

Charity Pet Sitters is an association of housesitters and petsitters who find charitable projects to volunteer for while house or pet sitting. We are a group of house and pet sitters who are passionate about giving back and contributing to the community. We provide our services free of charge in exchange for the opportunity to volunteer for any charity project of our choice.

We believe in the power of volunteering and are committed to connecting people who love animals and traveling. Who also want to help make a difference through meaningful charity work.

Back of a group of volunteers

Why We Like Doing Charity Work When Pet Sitting

If you're like us we love to travel and see new places. What makes a place come alive is making a friendly connection when we can. One way we've be able to do this is by visiting veterinrian offices and sharing the mission of Remember Your Pets When Making a Will. This small act of charity work lets us meet some of the most wonderful people. It lets us explore the town by finding the vet office locations.  We get to know about a place from people who actually live there. 

Charity Pet Sitters lets people make connections with the locals and build relationships that can span distances. It allows sitters to become part of a community in a way. 

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