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For  Volunteers

Join the PET Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the ones who give the gift of their time, talents, and hearts to make a difference.


EVERY pet owner will have an unexpected moment.

We assist with rehoming their pets.

Imagine what it will feels like, helping a pet owner that can never come home.
You can help save their pets. 

A few phone calls - A social post looking for a home - A story post announcing the success.  

For rehoming assistance and rescue the call for help could come any moment. Rehoming volunteers will be asked to spring into action to help.

By volunteering for the PET, you will have the satisfaction of knowing beloved pets are taken care of should the unplanned and unthinkable happen to their owner.  Pet estate planning saves pets! We know this from working with veterinarians across the country and their experiences.   The PET is passionate about preventing unnecessarily abandoned pets and left behind.  

You can help support the PET's efforts to increase awareness of the importance of pet planning in YOUR LOCAL AREA.  Some of the ways you can volunteer your time include:

  • Nominate a PET Hero Award to anyone who works to improve animal welfare.

  • Rehoming Assistance and Rescue Efforts

  • Giving Local Veterinarians Pet Planning Information 

  • Social Media Contributions & Website Status Checks

  • Seek Hosts for Fundraising Events - PETJam Music 

All these are described in detail on the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES page (click to view).  

Volunteers are rewarded for rehoming and pet planning efforts and achievement in multiple ways:

  • Awards and recognition for your efforts and accomplishments. 

  • Spotlighting your efforts and achievements on social media.

  • The PET will provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt for use on your annual tax return (requires you providing receipts of any outlay of expense directly related to volunteer activities).

PET Expectations?

  • Review the PET website and offerings regularly to be able to effectively represent the PET in your local area.  Know what we do. 

  • If your a part of rehoming assistance, know that a call for help could come at anytime. 

  • Submit stories about your PET adventures that can be used in our social media efforts, as well as other media ideas.

  • Maintain contact with the PET about your activities - visits, contacts, success stories, etc.

  • Have fun - enjoy the experience - connect with new people!

The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) is an organization that 
promotes a message and offers help.

We believe by promoting pet planning we can save animal lives.



each action or effort you take makes and creates a ripple effect of good

Senior Businesswoman

* Legal Disclamer

Individual volunteers or charity groups can claim the reward for volunteering for the PET. A $5000 REWARD CAN ONLY BE AWARDED IF THE PROPERTY DONATED IS HAS A VALUE OF AT LEAST $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) OR GREATER.  It is the PET's hope that donations in your area go to local charity groups; however if we receive a donation we want to reward the charity group or individual volunteer for their assistance in receiving the donation of property.


Be A Champion For Pets, Do work that leaves a legacy.

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