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Max & Bella

This is Max and Bella who wait for an owner that’ll never return home. Max’s owner went into rehabilitation for an injury. Who then went to a hospital and then died. The neighbors fed and watered max until relatives arrived. Max was then taken to an animal shelter. Because he was old and not so cute his time ran out and was scheduled to be put down.

Pets are your children and part of your family. They look to you as their caregiver. They love you and bring life into yours. When you leave the house your pets wait for your return. You could get into a car wreck, have a medical emergency or find yourself in a position of not being able to ever return home. These events can happen at any age but become more likely the older you get.

Many thousands of pets a year get brought to shelters and veterinarian offices by relatives who don’t want the pet.  Pet owners believe family will find a new forever home for their loved pet. It’s a happy thought.


The Pet Endowment Trust can help step in when the time comes to see your pets are given care if you cant. A pet planning guide spells out who will do what or who to call.

Take 5 minutes and fill out a pet planning guide today. But also donate and help us rescue left behind pets and advocate for pet planning. Every little bit we get has a ripple effect helping pets everywhere. 

The End of The Story  
A post about Max’s journey reached a warm heart who came in and rescued him from a close death.  Bella’s story is different, she too was an old gentle soul, but she never found a home and died not knowing why her owner abandoned her. Please help us, help left behind pets today.

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