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Copy of the PET Estate Planning Guide
PET Estate Planning Directie as a downloadable PDF

Instructions for the Care of my Pets

Schedule an appointment and have your will or trust updated. 
** It is strongly urged that you consult with an attorney in your state of residence to ensure that any and all appropriate language that may be state specific is included in your gift language so that your ultimate wishes and charitable goals will be realized.

PET Estate Planning Directive
Instructions For The Care Of My Pets


My name is __________________________________________ my address is __________________________________________________________________

To whomever is reading this, if something should happen to me; please look after and care for my pets.

Please contact______________________________________________________ to work with finding new forever homes for my wonderful pets.
(designated person or group)


My estate should have enough funds to provide food and shelter for ________________________________  while a new forever home is located.

(three months,     six months,     one year,   five years,     a forever sanctuary )


After my death I would like my estate to donate ( a, b or c )  

a)________ % of my estate,    

b)_________________dollars from my estate, or this named asset from my estate 

c)___________________________________________________ to this named pet organization __________________________________________
__________________________________________________ their address is _____________________________________________________________ .

Signature _____________________________________________
Date: _______________


The Pet Endowment Trust (PET)  a 501(3)c non-profit can work on your behalf to see that pets are taken care of should the need arise.

Please contact the PET to make arrangements..  Pet Endowment Trust, PO Box 6, Silsbee, Texas 77656    409-651-9808

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