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For Veterinarians

5 Benefits of Asking Owners About Pet Directives

  • Higher Rates Are Justified Based On Quality Care
  • Your Veterinary Office is a Total Pet Wellness Care Center
  • You Help Community Pet Owners with Proactive Action
  • You Give Pet Owners A Reminder to Have A Will Made
  • Your Veterinary Office Doesn't Become a Shelter Dump Point





Our Mission

1. Ask

A simple Yes/No question on your paperwork asking if owners have a pet directive at home about their pets.

Typing Together
Dog Shelter

2. Help

  • A simple Yes/ No question on your paperwork asking if they want some help setting something up.

  • If Yes, refer information to a local pet wellness group, or the Pet Endowment Trust.

  • If Yes, give a Pet Endowment Trust “PET Estate Planning Directive” Handout.

3. Example

Be a proactive example to your community about proactive pet care. Spayed and Neutering, Pet Directives and Community Involvement.

Image by Howie R

Download the Pet Endowment Trust's "Pet Estate Planning Directive" and give to all patients wanting help with pet planning assistance.  

Remember your pets when making a will flyer

Help Us Reach Your Community

To the left is a sample picture of flyers we send to organizations for posting at pet related stores, vet offices and other places. 


Please feel free to download a high resolution PDF copy that will allow you print them yourself. IDEA: Host a jar PET fundraiser to pay for printing costs.

Link Us

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Pet Endowment Trust

Marketing Work:

 Let us help you with your community outreach programs. We may be able to provide tips or suggestions that make a huge difference in your effectiveness.

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