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Services and Funds

The unexpected can happen anytime, we help pets with rehoming or care. Free plans and forms are available, but he PET can also assist you in making funded plans for your pets care. Leave your pets with a care plan should the unexpected happen. With assisted plans, we can work with estate planners or executors to fulfill your pet care instructions and wishes.

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older man and his black labrador retriever

Imagine getting a run-down house bequeathed to your organization. With a little bit of work and planning it goes from a quick cash sale, to a never ending endowment fund. Generating funds to support your group year after year.  The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partnerships with pet advocate groups nationwide, working together to promote community pet bequeath gift giving. The PET partners with groups to maximize estate donations for the greatest returns. It gives pet organization staff an opportunity to help pets, the community and individuals with planning directives and  giving. The group or organization will learn how to direct and help assist pet owners to estate planning professionals that may assist pet owners with planning and bequeath gifts of funds and property to pet related organizations. (Hopefully Yours )

The purpose of this funds are to support animal welfare groups within a local area. Donations made are divided among local collaborating and supporting groups for the benefit of local needs. The PET (Pet Endowment Trust) serves as steward and fiduciary for this funds.

Animal welfare groups that work together can be a magical thing. Together they can harness lots of resources without being redundant and wasteful with limited funding. The PET works to provide projects that can support a collaborative effort within a local community.  

Veterinarian offices have become the dumping ground for unwanted pets. Imagine this … a pet owner dies and no one in the family wants the pet. Some bring them in to be put down, others drop them off leaving the staff to deal with trying to rehome.  We believe a veterinarian’s office should ask pet owners, “If something should happen to you, is there a plan in place for your pet?” A pet's overall wellness check which includes a pre-planning inquiry, elevates a veterinarian’s office to a higher professional level. By gathering this information, the veterinarian knows the pet owner's wishes about their pet should something happen to them. This level of care increases perceived value.

Donor Program

We partner and help pet advocates with  bequest giving programs. 

One on One

Provide assistance to pet owners with estate plans, pet placement or care.


We partner with other groups to magnify our outreach.

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