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Why We Started PET

Helping Faithful Companions Find New Homes

No Pet Left Behind

Tink, a tan chihuahua
Kim and Tink

Tink’s owner Kim, a young 45 year old bank teller had a stroke. Tink became her owner’s loving companion and support pet. For the next four years Tink would often listen as her owner raged, cried and went through depression from having lost her independence and normal life from the stroke.


After the fourth year, Tink’s owner Kim then discovered she had stomach cancer. Again Tink gave comfort as her owner battled through sickening cancer treatments along with the stroke. As Kim neared deaths door, her thoughts turned to her faithful pet, friend and companion. Her parting wish was that Tink, her companion would be looked after and cared for.

Tink did find a new forever home, outside of friends and family members, in a home with a few other dog friends. However, not all pets are so lucky and are left behind with no place to go. After losing a loving owner through illness or many other circumstances, pets can find themselves homeless. Many find themselves facing abandonment and a shelter death when a new forever home can’t be found.

Displaced pets such as Tink need help finding new forever homes. The Pet Endowment Trust (PET), a 501(3)c not-for-profit charity was formed to spread the message to pet owners to:

Remember Your Pet When Making A Will

The PET goal is to encourage pet advocate groups to promote this important message. The PET also wants to assist all pet shelters nationwide with setting up bequeath programs for to help fund their efforts long-term. 

Pets become many things to us, their owners, children, companions and life-long friends. Please think of what would happen to your pet if something were to happen to you today!  

The Pet Endowment Trust is on a mission to help the Tink’s and other displaced pets find new homes or care should the unthinkable happen.

two older people outside with brown dog
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