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Guiding  Principles

Pet Endowment Trust (PET) Guiding Principles 

Conduct all PET affairs lawfully and with integrity. Never break the law! When in doubt, STOP, think and ask for help.


Relationship Focus
Build relationships that give value to others. Anticipate, understand, and satisfy our relationship needs and develop capabilities that enable PET to profitably meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace.


Think like an Owner
Contribute by acting with passion, purpose, urgency and accountability. Pursue opportunities while utilizing critical and economic thinking with a disciplined risk-taking mentality.

Value Creation
Strive to create value every day, eliminate waste where possible. Seek feedback and constructively challenge the status quo to make our organization better.

Seek out and share your knowledge with others. Continuously improve processes and systems. Measure profitability where possible.

Treat every person with dignity and respect. Be sensitive to the needs of others and value diversity in the workplace. Encourage and practice teamwork.

Be Humble
Always seek to understand and deal with reality. Recognize value in the opinions of others. Know what you do not know.

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