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Who We Are

And Why We Care

We understand that animals are members of the family, and our goal is to ensure that they are taken care of for life.

Our Mission

Kenne Smith

 A vacation trip to North Carolina would open Kenne's eyes to the huge world beyond his small town of Silsbee, Texas. He wound up staying in Chapel Hill and working for the University of North Carolina Hospitals (UNCH). His unique creativity allowed him to create advances in the Endoscopy processing field.  He gained a hunger for learning about business and computers which he studied at UNC.

While working at UNCH, Kenne founded and ran a national not-for-profit association with thousands of members and major national sponsors.
Returning to Silsbee, his hometown, he secured employment with Time Warner Cable,  In his spare time he began real estate investing.  For 20 years he's been working with older and rundown fixer-uppers.. His business, Better Days Realty, keeps the theme that his houses have seen better days and hopefully the families have better days to come. 

Animals have always been a part of his life even from early childhood on a  small farm. Over the course of his lifetime he has cared for almost every type of common pet. 
Kenne is passionate about helping people, hoping to inspire others to live life to its fullest and to help others. He and his partner and future wife travel and create adventures that she posts extensively on Facebook.

Image by Jamie Street
Dog with Toy

Linda Moon

Linda has worked for years in corporate America, finishing her career at Texas Instruments as the Manager of Wellness and Work Life.  She has experience developing programs, then directing and managing them to achieve significant measurable results. 

The TI program was nationally recognized, which provided opportunities for Linda to participate in national wellness conferences and professional business organizations, traveling extensively to speak on the subject and offer her expertise to other companies.  


Integrity, attention to details and going beyond expectations are Linda’s normal. 

More recently she is a partner in a real estate investment company.  

An ongoing presence in Linda's life is music.  She is a professional pianist/vocalist and shares her music with others through private and corporate events.

Linda loves dogs and has always had them in her life.  The responsibility of caring for pets and protecting them is a passion of hers.

 Throughout history, time teaches that while money is valuable, wisdom is far more precious. Our PET partners gain a gift of our knowledge about real estate and our help in acquiring donations that produce value.  K

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