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About  Pet Endowment Trust

The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) is an organization that’s very purpose is focused on helping pet owners make a care plan or backup plan for their pets. The PET message is "Remember Your Pets When Making A Will". The PET promotes pet owners putting their wishes into a will or trust so that family members or the estate executor knows what happens to the family pets should the unexpected happen. Pet planning directives, wills and trusts give family, veterinarians and animal shelters, directions on where a displaced pet should find a new home and loving care.

The PET has several programs that helps to raise awareness, provide information to national outlets and help pets who have been left behind.

  • PET Hospice Care, collaborates with hospice providers to help pet owners with pet care.

  • Charity PET Sitters, works with traveling pet sitters who want to do charity work while on a sit.

  • PET Charity Golf, raises funds, awareness and helps other local animal groups.

  • PET Jam, is a music based fundraising program that occurs in towns all across the country.

We hope that you will join us and help us reduce the amount of left-behind and abandoned pets. 

We love animals, our backgrounds in real estate and business gives us an insight and experience that most pet organizations don’t have.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Help pet owners with pet planning and to remember their pets when writing their will.

Teaching Tricks
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Our Vision

Having all pet associations support pet planning as a proactive action to reduce animal deaths and pets being homeless.

Our Goals

  • Assist pet owners with pet planning and estate endowments for their pets.

  • Help other pet advocate groups develop donations of property, real estate and endowments.

  • Help left behind pets whose owners never planned on not being there

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Get Involved


We help people with setting up wills, trusts and estate planning to benefit their pet or other pet organizations.


We are not some big business trying to sell a service to pet advocacy groups. We love animals and want to do what we can, in the most effective way. We hit upon this idea of offering assistance to pet groups because its what we know. Major organizations have whole departments dedicated to helping donors with bequeath gifts; but what about the little guy or the small organization.

We want to help those groups who want our help. We personally already heavily donate to this cause but we could always use funds to keep moving forward. 


We believe by helping pet advocate groups with bequeath giving programs we can help more animals than what we alone could do.  A little help compounded; can make huge differences.

Please help by making a donation that can get multiplied and continue to grow for generations.

Help Us

 With thousands of pet advocate groups out there, our being able to find them all is impossible.  Help us to reach out and invite other groups to contact us.


Become a (PET) volunteer and help us to help other groups in your area or further out.   A little or a lot it's up to you. Get recognized for your efforts and accomplishments.  

Become a volunteer listener.  Many people who decide to work on their estate planning and wills, just want to talk. Maybe they're going through a major illness event. 



Both Linda and I have been there through major life events. We're grateful for each day we get to enjoy life fully and help others.

You First

Every rescue organization has a button asking you to donate. We would like to offer something different.

Let us help you first. 

We can offer you help with real estate assistance because we have a real estate business and love to help people with real estate needs.

We can offer some very limited legal assistance in areas of will writing, estate planning, pet retirement bequest, trusts and financial planning. We can help you develop a plan before you talk to the experts. Please know we always recommend seeking professionals to check our suggestions.



We’ll take anything you want to give.  Land, old houses, trailers, vehicle's ,  ect. Think after death property gifts. Timeshares and many other non-usable things after you pass. We can arrange an estate liquidation if needed.

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