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PET Hospice & Nursing Care Services

We want to promote hospice and nursing care providers who offer pet care assistance to their clients. Health care professionals see patients and families facing some of the most stressful times. The PET hopes to offer pet owners with pet planning and care when needed. Patents can have peace knowing their pets will be provided and cared for in the future. 


Pet Hospice Care

When the unexpected happens we help pet owners with pet care and understanding.

Life happens to us all and at any time. As the founders of the PET, we both found out first hand. We started the PET to help other pet owners facing similar tough times. 

Giving patients a voice with their pet's care wishes can provide your patients with peace and comfort about their pets.  

If you work for a hospice care provider or at a nursing facility; Let's see if we can do some good for your patients and in your community together. Let us help promote your business and efforts. 


Can your provider help with seeing that your pets are taken care of when the time comes? 

 * They can refer friends and family to the PET website for free pet planning forms. 

 * Your friends and family can donate funds on your behalf for an PET assisted plan. 



The PET would like to offer a collaboration with hospice and health care providers.

Here are some suggested areas we could assist with. 

  • If your hospice or health care practice opens or donates to an assisted pet plan on behalf of their clients, the PET will match the donation. Giving your client's pets greater care support options.

  • Your practice could collaborate with the PET on social media posts to help with pet rehoming efforts. Giving your practice media exposure about doing good works for pets.

  • Hang pet planning flyers in your local area. Highly welcomed at vet offices and libraries.  They have areas that can be personalized to acknowledge your business and support.  

  • Add a website TAB or LINK to ( PET Hospice Care)  (   

  • The PET can post social media about your hospice practice and your efforts to help clients with their pets.

If you're a hospice or health care provider and can offer ideas or suggestions on how we can be of better service or value please let us know. Your feedback helps us make the PET more.

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