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How to Set Up a Legacy Giving Program

Starting a  planned giving or legacy program for your organization is easy and any size group can benefit from the donations.  Know that most of the hard lifting (making wills, trusts and planning) will be handled by professionals,  Your job as the organization receiving the gift is to help givers take action and use the donated gifts wisely.

Planned Giving or Bequest Giving is a gift of a persons estate through a will or trust.  Usually a one time deal.  Fees associated with receiving estate gifts run between two percent and as low as one percent of the value of the gift.  My experience is to be generous to the people who help you get donations.  You cant be blessed if your not doing good. 

woman sitting at her kitchen table writing a will
A Legacy Fund - an ongoing lasting legacy of funding

A Legacy fund can be a one time donation into your legacy fund or they can set up a fund that pays out to your group over time. It can take your organization to a level well beyond your current situation. The best part is it can be as easy as taking a tiny portion of what you get in and set aside. Ten percent of everything you get in is easily doable.  What its used for and how are up to you, but let me offer some ideas.

A Legacy Fund can provide never ending funding for your group. It can be used as a silent partner to help your organization "grow funds". Maybe someone wants to give your organization a property for half of its value.  Your group buys the property and with a bit of work sells for three times what your group paid. And many many other scenarios.  (It Takes Money To Make Money ) is so true.  The larger your fund grows the more donations come in. The fact is that others understand, if you can manage an account responsibly they want to give because they trust you can manage wisely and be a good steward of their donated funds. 

A broke organization sends up red flags of mismanagement. 

The PET has a four step program to get your organization running a smooth git giving program, Below is a friendly DIY resource but nothing works as good as having an expert hold your hand and help develop things. 


If you’re not sure how to set up a legacy or bequest giving program, we can help:

Pet Endowment Trust .org

A DIY Tool Kit for Legacy Giving

Great Starter Tool Kit for Planned and Legacy Gift Giving, the PET can help with advanced ideas. CALL US

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