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Charity PET Sitters - An Extension of the Pet Endowment Trust (PET) Organization


PET Friends Who Carry Out Charity Work While Traveling

Many of our friends perform charity work while traveling. Sometimes for the PET sometimes for another organization. Anyone can join and projects can range from easy to the more difficult. We are looking for anyone who loves animals and helping others. We welcome anyone from other organizations. 


Charity friends will receive awards and public recognition for charitable work. We provide PET Volunteers / Charity PET Sitters the opportunity to turn their travel into a charity adventure. By combining the fun of a vacation with the satisfaction of giving back, friends are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.


PET Friends strive to make a positive impact in communities. We support volunteers of sitters, travelers and animal lovers doing good in communities they visit; combining the fun of a trip or vacation with the satisfaction of giving back through charitable works.

These volunteers are friends of the Pet Endowment Trust (PET) an organization that promotes pet planning.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can combine your travels with charitable works, get charitable tax credits, and turn your vacations into achievements that make a difference.


Call us, email us, or reach out via the form.

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