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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are the ones who give the gift of their time, talents, and hearts to make a difference!

Grey Cat

Rehoming & Rescue

Pet rehoming help for pet owners or rescue efforts.
Be a Rehoming Hero.

Event Planning Team

Community Awareness

Promote pet planning in your area. Work with local pet businesses and veterinarians.

Music Performers


 PET Hero Awards
PETJam Music Events

Grant Research

Find an area that calls to you. You can make a huge difference with as little as 3 hours a month.

THANK YOU for your interest in helping to save pets!  The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is helping pet owners to remember their pets when making a will, estate or trust planning.  We are passionate about getting the message out and currently working with veterinarian offices and state associations across the country.  Spreading the PET’s message is a way to save pets from being left behind or euthanized should be unexpected happen!  We hope you will take a few minutes to review our website and learn about the PET and who we are! 

The PET is growing – and we need help to keep up!  Everything we do is a learning curve between what we expect and what actually happens.  Let us know what works (and doesn’t) so we can learn from you and make necessary changes.  As a intern or volunteer, we do ask that you keep a log of your activities and accomplishments so we can celebrate and reward you!  We will likely want to use your success stories in our social media to promote the “good works” our volunteers are doing on behalf of the PET.  All actions serve as inspiration to another person that says “I can do that too!”

The PET has several areas where interns and volunteers are needed, which are outlined below.  We will try to match your interest and available time to areas where we both feel you can have the biggest impact and be successful.  Read through these areas and let’s talk about what will bring you joy! 

Again … thank YOU!  We are what we are because of volunteers like YOU!

Rehoming & Rescue Network
Rescue Team of Volunteers Ready to Help With Rehoming .....

Join a team of pet lovers ready to post to social media,
call local shelters and find a new homes for left behind pets.

Community Awareness 
Veterinarian Offices and Bulletin Board Postings .....

Visit your local veterinary clinics and obtain permission to hang a poster in their lobby and put a brochure and pet estate planning guide in the hands of the clinic/office manager. 

  • Due to this activity requiring a pet planning kit of supplies – 12 posters, brochures, pet planning guides, business cards – we are asking for a $25 minimum donation to cover the cost of materials and mailing.  This tax-deductible donation is to the PET and can be made via the link on our website.

There are also many community locations where they allow posters to be put up.  You can try public libraries, Tractor Supply, Panera Bread, etc.  See what may be available in your area to hang a poster and pass the word about the importance of pet owners being proactive in pet planning!

Creative Fundraising
- PET Hero Awards  .....
- PETjam Music  Events .....
- Grant Research and Writing .....

- Music Fundraising Events

The PET has fundraising events where you can help!  If you are interested in helping to plan an event – either related to live music – this may be the volunteer opportunity for you!  And these can occur in YOUR local community. 

PETJam is a live music event where you contact venues in your
area to tell them about the PET and see if they will support the
PET’s mission to save pets!  All it takes is allowing you to communicate
the event through social media, put up a poster (which the PET provides)
a couple weeks before the event to hopefully draw in people that will listen
to the live music and donate to the PET (a QR code for donations is on the poster – so you don’t have to take up money).  You may also know a musician that performs locally – restaurants, coffee houses, bars, etc. – that may be willing to also promote this event.  We are not asking for any funds from the venue or artist (unless they WANT to donate).  Check out the PETJam website for more information.

- PET Hero Award 

A program that works by helping get recognition
to those that give their efforts to improve animal welfare. Send an email
to your local area animal groups inviting PET Hero Award nominations. 


- Grant Research and  Writing 

Are you a research person? Work with a team of three to
find a grant and give it your best shot for winning. 

CRazy StuFf

Website Promotion and Online Prompting ...

You can help in some small ways that make a huge difference in how the PET website and sister/supporting websites are found in everyday web searches.  All it takes is for you to do an online search on a search engine like Google, Microsoft Bing or others for the following websites, which will move these sites up into a higher ranking.  This gives us greater exposure when people are searching for us.  Click on suggested links/prompts to further cement the PET websites into search engine learning.


Social Media (SM) Contributions ...

The PET is currently using Facebook and LinkedIn for social media.  We know we need to have a more active SM presence but don’t always have the time to research or develop content and do the posting/cross-posting needed.  We are also considering additional SM platforms such as Pinterest and/or a YouTube channel. 

WE NEED HELP!  If this is in your wheelhouse of interest, you can contribute in the following ways:

  • Research stories and items of interest for reposting

  • Create content from local items of interest related to the PET’s mission

  • Contribute media ideas to expand the PET

  • Identify unique methods to reach new audiences


Website Status Checks ...

Visit your states veterinarian association website to see if they offer pet planning for the public. The PET has sent pet planning information hoping they will include it on their website. If they do, please let us know. We have a webpage with state resources linked and we hope to grow that list from the recent mailing. YOU can help make that happen. Please DON’T call or email them – we are not trying to be a pest – just check online to determine status.

Charity PET Sitters ...

Consider joining a pet sitting service and pet sit all across the world. Not only can you stay in some great places, but if you distribute the pet planning kits (see above in red) to the area veterinarian offices and community bulletin boards it can become a tax deductible charity mission. Charity PET Sitters is a sister website of the PET, focused on those traveling and wanting to do volunteer work as part of their travels.


Volunteer While Traveling … If you travel and distribute the pet planning kit supplies to the area veterinarian offices and community bulletin boards, part of your trip can become a tax deductible charity mission, for which the PET can issue a tax receipt to you – requires you to complete the travel log on Google Drive to document your activities and receipts.  If you are interested in this, please contact Linda Moon at or 214-697-8019 for more information.

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