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2024 Sponsors

PET Charity Golf

2024 PET / (sponsor)
BIG DOG Mini-Golf Tournament

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Qualifying Play January - March  /  BIG DOG Playoff - April 

Pet Endowment Trust (PET) Fundraiser


PET / (sponsor)
2024 BIG DOG Mini-Golf Tournament
Colorado Canyon Fun Center, Beaumont Tx
A Fundraising Event Benefiting All Pets


 2024 BIG DOG Mini-Golf Tournament: a charity fundraising tournament to build local and national community awareness about preventative pet planning and raise funds to help rehome left behind pets.

PET / (sponsor)
Mini-Golf Tournament

Qualifying Play
  Jan 1 - March 31   2024
BIG DOG Playoff  April 2024

Colorado Canyon, Family Fun Center

Beaumont, Texas
Qualifying play of a +10 score to reach a top 144 players for a BIG DOG playoff tournament . 

$25 for 1 chance or $50 for 3 chances.

** Regular Play collected by establishment and does not include a qualifying chance.

Each player trying to qualify receives $50 in PET value, chances at random drawn prizes and for each Hole-In-One an entry chance to win a golf cart and trailer.* 

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When you purchase chances to play in this tournament players automatically become PET Family and are qualified to receive PET assisted pet care help. PET Family members can donate this pet care assistance to other family members or friends. Payment to play is a donation to the PET. 

Buy 3 chances to qualify; use what you need and give the others away. 

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Qualifying Mini-Golf Tournament players are invited to play in the BIG DOG Playoff Tournament. All players get gifts and awards totaling more than $250 in value. Registration fees over the first 144 playoff players go toward additional gifts and prizes. T-shirts and other limited available gifts may run short of supplies, early registration encouraged. (click here for more info)

Charity Fundraising That Supports A Community

PET Charity Golf Fundraisers Benefit All Animal Groups

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