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Resources - This is not advice, provided for entertainment only

Website with tons of law relating to animals.



To become wealthy or get out of debt.

Richest Man In Babylon, - Mature Reader- KEEP 10% of everything you ever earn!
The 5 Secrets A Millionaire Shared With Me - graduation gifts
The Four Laws of Debt Free Prosperity - young couple engagement gift

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Why wealthy families stay wealthy and poor families stay poor.

Expand your thinking
Magic Of Thinking Big - Think bigger get more.

The Go Giver - best book about marketing. Talks about the law of giving and the power it holds. 

Start With Why - not what you do but WHY


Real Estate - Buy, Sale, Terms, 

Buy for one price and sell for double. Offer financing of  7.25% interest.  Junky property only needs to be slightly cleaned up and mowed yard. Offer GREAT terms. 

If you offer terms like this you will sell a junky property so fast. 

5 to 7 thousand down, six months to one year no payment (except for taxes) easy payment structured at what ever they can afford. What do you care, your still earning 7.25% interest off the whole amount until payed off. Some will fix and sell or stay and default later. You get the property back to do again. It's like renting, only your not responsible for anything.  They lease for 5 years with 100% going to ownership. If they make payments for 5 years with no missed payments then do paperwork to sell with owner financing. They've proven themselves. Be overly kind, go way beyond nice about flex payments. Don't get greedy. 

When Tenants Don't Play Fair

I heard this story once about an investor that when he needed his tenants to move out had a few tricks to get people out. One was after the investor was forced to start evection steps he offered in incentive to tenants of $3000 if the place didn’t need to much repair. In this way, the tenants were encouraged  to move out without destroying the place from being kicked out. You see they wanted that $3000. Of course the investor never paid it out claiming repairs and such. His reasoning was this; More and more the tenants continued to lie about missed payments, in the end the investor reasoned he could lie just once as well. Another story involved the investor to moving in with the deadbeat tenants, he just brought in camping gear and set up in one of the rooms and had friends  bring resources. Tenants were gone in two days. See story on Youtube.



BDR Purchase Option form -link

Warning and Due Diligence

After many years of doing this work I can say that there are people that will try to take advantage of you. Keep your guard up and get advice from a local investor if you can. What may look like a great deal may be a sink hole waiting to take your funds and time. Don't get greedy! There will always be other deals but your Legacy Fund could be seriously damaged. 

One of the best books I can recommend is "Richest Man In Babylon" It holds many financial laws of prosperity that can be applied to many applications. 

Better Days Realty

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