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PET Associates

PET  Associates

Individuals  who have joined with the PET to promote the
PET Hero Award program and pet planning awareness. 


PET Associate
Social & Public Works

Penn State University


Flower Beds

Nicole Zanaglio

Luisa Santiago

Kathy Scott

Brandy Saldana

Karissa Brandon 

Kaleigh Salmond


PET Associate
Pet Care  

Brazosport College


Lotus Flower

Tara Wills

Emily Boudreaux

Bailey Allen

Sade Goshorn

Associate  Resources 
Misty Football Field

EASY  1,  2,  3


1.     Research within your area who among veterinarian offices works the most with animal welfare groups. What do others say? Read online reviews. Let them know your checking for a possible recognition award.

2.     Email the PET office with the name of this veterinarian office name and contact information. We need to make our own checks.

3.     Schedule a time to work with Linda on setting up an online recognition fundraising campaign platform for that city or area. 

The PET emails the veterinarian office with notification of the Award 

The PET mails out an award to that veterinarian office and starts posting on social media.

1.     Start making online posts about the office and the award on Facebook and LinkedIn or other media. Let the PET know so we can get help from others.

2.     Email invites to local animal groups to help support the award for the veterinarian office.

3.     As the fundraising donations rise repost and promote.

If you’re interested in the PET Hero Award project you should choose a nominate location ASAP.

If you look on the PET website under the PET Hero Award Campaigns page you will see Austin Texas is the first location we are working in.  I sent out a simple little email to local area animal groups saying I was looking at employment in the area and wanted to know if they could recommend a veterinarian office that was big on community outreach and animal welfare efforts.

I emailed 20 animal groups and got eight nominations from 5 groups. This email works!


You email a pet group and ask for a referral. That's all. 


I am looking for employment at a veterinarian office in __________________ that is committed to animal welfare, could you recommend a vet office or two I should consider?

(your name)

PET Hero Award – Private Invitation

The PET (Pet Endowment Trust) is awarding an ___________ area veterinarian with a PET Hero Award. If you have a veterinarian office that you want considered let us know. This is a free and private invitation only for animal welfare groups of ____________. Please only email us back, before the end of February. The nominate button on our PET website is for the general public to nominate and/or sponsor an award.

Every office you contact creates a ripple effect that can continue grow and do good.
Your actions become the point that something happens. 

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