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Pet Planning 

When The Unexpected Happens To Pet Owners, We Help With Pet Care

We Help Pets From Being Left Behind - read about Max and Bella

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Rehoming or Sanctuary 
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We believe pet owners want their pets cared for when the unexpected happens. We partner with pet owners to give
care to their pets if needed. 


  • When pet owners make a donation they become part of the PET family. They support us and we support them.

  •  We're there to provide pet care if they should need us. 

  • Assisted pet owners get one on one help developing their pet plans and legacy arrangements.

  • We work with 60 state and national veterinarian associations with public pet planning forms and resources.

  • Supply many legal libraries with public pet planning resources.

  • Help left behind pets with rehoming whose owners never planned on not being there.

  • We can assist with long term sanctuary care for pets.

Caught Without a Plan 

With out planning assistance pet owners never get around to it. The unexpected happens quick and their pet faces being left behind or unwanted. Veterinarians and shelters see it every day.

Become part of the 1% of pet owners WHO DO have a pet plan in place. Let the PET be a part of your backup pet care plan.

No Pet Left Behind

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PET Real Estate & PET Hero Award
A Fundraising and Recognition Program

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1525 Lacey Lane,  Silsbee, Texas  77656
or  PO Box 6,  Silsbee, Texas  77656

Kenne Smith -409-651-9808
Linda Moon - 214-697-8019

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