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Bequeath Gifts

$5000 For Your Organization

The PET seeks to collaborate with a limited number of smaller community animal welfare groups. This number depends on available time and respondents. The PET seeks assistance in educating the public about free pet planning resources available to pet owners. The PET’s message is “Remember Your Pets When Making a Will”.

Through this collaboration the PET hopes to help animal welfare groups develop bequeath gift giving.  Local animal welfare groups promote and assist local pet owners with free pet planning directives. These free pet planning forms spell out pet care should something happen to the owners. They also encourage estate donation gift giving to local animal welfare groups. Hopefully their organization. These forms also offer free legal resources and assistance for pet owners.

The greater the number of pet owners an organization helps with pet planning, the more likelihood of them getting estate gifts donated to their organization.

  1. Hang pet planning posters in all veterinarian offices and local post it boards. Think libraries, tractor supply and pet stores. (see flyer pic below)

  2. Give Estate Pet Planning forms to every pet owner you can. Hold monthly pet planning workshop invites. In your town, the next town over, senior centers, pet stores ect. Team up with a local attorney who can further assist pet owners with updating wills or trusts. Offer to help pet owners with pet care if something should happen to them.

  3. Partnering with the PET to help pet owners with pet planning gives your organization a bigger pool of the community to connect with.

  4. Collect names for future fund raisers. When you give FREE help to help pet owners they want to do something back.


We hope people donate estate gifts to their local animal welfare group. BUT, It could happen that the PET still gets named in a gifted donation. If so we want to give to the assisting party that allowed it to happen a reward. This mean any group can possibly be the recipient of a $5000 gift.

The Rules Are Very Simple and Easy

The property gifted has to be valued at more than $5000.
The PET needs to be able to identify the organization that assisted the person who made the donation.
The $5000 can be gifted to the organization or person as funds or a retreat gift valued at $5000, their choosing.


Better still, a community learns about pet planning and gives estate gifts to their local animal groups.

At Pet Endowment Trust (PET) we understand how important it is to give back especially when it comes to animal welfare. Our main mission is to promote pet planning, keeping pets from becoming homeless. The PET is committed to helping make a difference in the lives of animals in need. The other part of the PET mission is to help animal welfare organizations to develop bequeath gift giving programs. We recognize the vital role that bequeath gifts can play in supporting animal welfare groups and their missions.

Let’s Work Together

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