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PET Tip Jar .com

Saving Pets From Being Left Behind

Help It Spread


Spread the Good - One More Tip Jar
Could Save Many More Pets  


Each PET Tip Jar location has the potential to grow and help many more pet owners and their pets. Contact us to get more donation  PET Tip Jar postcards to place in your area. 

PET Tip Jar .com  Works for Company Employees

A (PET Tip Jar .com) donation postcard gets placed at a company, for the benefit of that company’s employees. THAT’S ALL   People donate through the QR Code, we then provide the company, credits for Assisted Pet Care should any of the employees need it. It becomes a company benefit for employees of the company. 


Make One for Your Own Company
Anyone can make a physical PET Tip Jar and paste a donation postcard on it. Place it at your business and let it do its work to help save pets and be a company benefit.  At some point the donations are transferred to the PET by that company’s office manager.  Please send us pics of your unique donation jar.


Tip Jar 3.0.png

Copy and Paste the Image to the left and print out your own tip jar graphics. 

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