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PET Tip Jar .com

Saving Pets From Being Left Behind



Every business can support a donation jar. After all, it's raising funds to help its own employees. 

Business Marketing
After a bit of time please consider how this fundraising program is helping your business.
How much is it helping with attracting new employees to your business?
Do employees see this program as a company benefit?

How much are you using pet related posts to promote social media about your business?
Are you promoting your pet support on marketing efforts?

Business Benefits of PET Tip Jar

Builds interaction with the community when used
- reaching out on social networks for placement needs, story about new home,
- success of your business and the community together finding a new home for a pet.

Raises money for the benefit of pet owners in your business.
- doing good that helps your business employees.
- offers a non-profit tax receipt for your business

Builds comradery and unity in your business around pets and pet care.
- Lets employees with similar interests support each other.

Offers common ground for new employees to get to know each other.
- 60% of the population have pets.

Offers an example of the spirit of giving, to your employees and the outside community.

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