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First Board Meeting

Its been an exciting week, we held our first board meeting. We covered last years idea affirmation work and lined out the next coming years goals and plans. As of this morning, its official the IRS has us listed on their web list of approved non-profit charities.

Pet Endowment is waiting now on our Texas listing before we start ramping up activities. Some of our top priorities are to find interns to help us with social media and to start the process of finding a grant writer.

Last week we made contact with Robyn with Haute Dog Pet Photography LLC to help us with getting a few photos of pets looking sad. She had some great ideas about how to tell the story of left behind pets with a picture. Her studio is located out of Dallas Texas and her work has been nationally published in different media outlets.

This coming year we hope to hire a grant writer and pay for marketing activities, chiefly website, photography and online media experts.

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