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PET Charity Golf

After meeting with our SCORE mentor Liz Villman, we are moving forward with new growth plans. Linda and I are excited as we unroll different PET fundraising programs over the next few weeks and months.

PET Charity Golf, a fundraising program will focus on developing golfing events to benefit the work of the Pet Endowment Trust (PET). Pet Charity Golf

will seek out golf courses and golfing businesses nationwide to hosts PET Charity Golf events. Each location host will create an event that they can best manage with in-house resources. Events will support local businesses and merchants as well as provide a collaboration between all local animal groups and pet owners. Over the following years the PET will help grow these golf events and bring in outside event management as needed.

These PET Charity Golf events will raise much needed PET organizational funding and raise public awareness about pet planning. Please “Remember Your Pets When Making A Will”. To find out more about this program visit

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