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SCORE Mentor Gives Direction

Yesterday we had our second meeting with mentor Liz Villman. She is fantastic and is helping us tremendously in planning the continued growth of our organization the Pet Endowment Trust (PET). Both Linda and I are very much relieved that she, like us, has a belief that our organization is unique. The PET offers a much needed pet planning service / resource for pet owners and other pet advocate groups. The PET organization’s message, “Remember Your Pets When Making A Will” means we need volunteers who are comfortable with

basic estate planning and who love animals. Liz also gets that the PET has great potential on a national and international scale to help local communities with collaborative works of good to reduce abandoned and homeless, once loved pets.

I wanted to say how grateful Linda and I are. We look forward to working with Liz, the SCORE organization and other advisors that may join in over the coming months and years.

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