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It’s been an exciting week around here this month. We’ve reached out and landed a meeting with a website marketing company. Sarah Kornblum with 2 Dogs and A Laptop, a website development firm out of North Carolina. She has worked with many different business models and platforms. She will be looking over our website for optimization and to streamline content. Next week we hope to get back a workable proposal that will allow the PET to move forward with improvements.

Along with website work we’ve also kicked around the idea of getting an intern to help produce Youtube content for the organization. Our Youtube channel name is of course the Pet Endowment Trust and we hope to grow a following of viewers watching us as we grow the PET into a great non-profit. Linda has some contacts here at the local high school and we may be able to team up with a budding online social media expert.

Because we are in the stages of growth I sent out a suggestion to a local newspaper the Beaumont Examiner to cover our growth for interested readers. They can also see what were doing locally in our community. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s something they're interested in covering.

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