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PET Hero Award

Award a Hero You Know - Form

The PET will mail an award and a letter of congratulations. 

Is this award for a       ___ person  ____ business   ____ organization   ____ animal 

Name of Nominee and Contact Information                                        Date________________       



First & Last Name (nominee)


Email Address

Address if known


Name of Organization (business) they represent if applicable


Nominated By

Contact Info

________________________________________________________________________________Contact Info

I understand as the nominating sponsor, I am fronting the PET Hero Award costs of $100 dollars. I also understand without hosting the PET may not have resources to organize a recognition fundraiser / marketing campaign in their location. 

Please attach and send in a narrative story about the nominee
(this may be a story a community can rally behind and support)


  • Include a narrative summary that explains the nominee's qualifications for the award

  • Highlight accomplishments

  • Weave achievements into a compelling narrative

  • Showcase what makes your nominee unique

  • Include personal anecdotes

  • Focus on the impact of their contributions

  • Be truthful

  • Proofread your application





The PET Hero Award is open to anyone, business or organization. Countless thousands work to improve animal welfare who never receive any acknowledgment for their efforts. Will any evidence remain that they played a role? Nominees can receive recognition that someone is aware of their work. Someone is cheering them on and in a way saying, we see you. Will you nominate and inspire someone?  Will your nomination and award be the most remembered event in their lives?

Please Mail this form and $100 sponsor payment to   PET  PO Box 6, Silsbee, TX    77656
PET Hero Award is a fundraiser for the PET (Pet Endowment Trust) organization a 501c3 non-profit benefiting animal welfare and promoting pet planning.  

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