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PET Hero Award .com

Animal Welfare Efforts Recognition


Help It Spread

Co-Partner with the PET
in Giving Recognition to Those Who Work in Animal Welfare  

You know your community best. Let the PET front the cost of a recognition fundraiser to benefit your organization. 

Become a advocate host and organize a local PET Hero Award recognition fundraiser for your area. 

Spread the Good
Nominate and Sponsor an Award  


Each PET Hero Award recognizes a force for good. A person, animal, business or organization. Each fundraiser raises funds to multiply the  number of PET Hero Awards that can be given out.

PET Hero Award 

Nominate and sponsor someone for a PET Hero Award. Nominations can be made for people, businesses or an organization. Your nomination will receive a letter of congratulations and notified that they are being recognized and awarded with a PET Hero Award. They get information about who sponsored their award and where to send a thank you note. 

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