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PET Insurance for Employees

For Human Resource Departments

Free Pet Insurance

For Human Resource Employee Benefit Teams

The PET Pet Planning is a kind of NO Cost Pet Insurance you can provide to all workplace employees. It requires no cost to the employee for the DIY option. Assisted plans benefits are based directly on donations and are returned when needed to care for their pet.

Employers can offer to make contributions on behalf of participating pet owners. Because the PET is a 501c3 non-profit organization their aim is to help pet owners as much as possible. Unlike regular insurance providers, once a participant donates or becomes part of the PET family they get lifetime coverage that never expires.

PET Insurance
PET Insurance for Pet Owners

A no-cost pet insurance aimed at providing the pet owner peace of mind should the unexpected happen to the pet owner.


The PET offers two pet insurance plans.

One, a DIY free downloadable pet planning guide that has free forms and suggested templets for pet owners. Should the unexpected happen to the pet owner, these pet plans could provide information and instructions for survivors and or estate executors.

Two, an assisted pet planning package that uses a participant’s donation as the benchmark of services that the PET uses to help with planning and rehoming services. The PET works with plan participants to make their pet plan. Provides emergency assistance with rehoming or care of their pet when the unexpected happens to pet owners. Provides boarding or special needs for pets as much as available funds allows.


Human Resource Employee Benefit

insurance - a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

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